This service consists of a written statement, based upon an on-site inspection, of whether the DNR agrees with the wetland boundaries delineated by a consultant.  A fee of $300 per 20 acres of land reviewed is associated with this service, and requesters will receive a response in 60 days or less.

The goal of this service is to provide landowners and developers certainty that a project’s delineated wetland boundaries are accurate before project plans are finalized.  Taking advantage of this service early in the planning phase will prevent unexpected wetland boundary concerns from delaying a project’s approval.

Wetland confirmation service [PDF]
Wetland delineation confirmation request checklist [PDF]

Artificial wetland exemptions
Some artificially created wetlands are exempt from state wetland laws. These exemptions are specifically for:

  1. Sedimentation and storm water detention basins and associated conveyance features operated and maintained only for flood storage purposes.
  2. Active sewage lagoons, cooling ponds, waste disposal pits, fish rearing ponds and landscape ponds.
  3. Actively maintained farm drainage and roadside ditches.
  4. Artificial wetlands within active nonmetallic mining operations.

To see if a wetland qualifies for exempt status, refer to this information sheet [PDF].

To request an artificial wetland exemption review, please complete the form and checklist:  Request Form [PDF] and Checklist [PDF]

For more information on wetland boundary delineation, contact: Thomas Nedland, Wetland Identification Coordinator


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