On May 8th, Governor Evers announced that businesses looking to keep workers, customers, and families safe while reopening can now draw on a series of publications to keep them informed of best practices and safety tips. The brochures include general guidelines for all businesses to follow so employees and customers feel confident when they do return, as well as industry-specific advice, such as for restaurants, retailers, manufacturers and other fields.

The guides were developed by the WI Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) in consultation with the Departments of Health Services, Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, and Tourism, as well as other industry experts and associations. These guides provide actionable advice for businesses, especially small businesses, as they begin reopening. They answer basic questions, such as how to handle transactions at cash registers, what to do about merchandise that’s been handled by customers, and how to set up an office using social distancing strategies.

Some of the general advice for businesses includes:

  • Making sure that employees who are sick don’t come to work.
  • Curtailing business travel whenever possible.
  • Promoting telecommuting or other work-from-home arrangements.
  • Making sure employees have access to sanitizers and personal protective equipment when appropriate.

Governor Evers said the reopening of state businesses will continue to be guided by the health care metrics contained in the Badger Bounce Back plan, which include tracking new cases of COVID-19, assessing available medical resources to cope with COVID cases, and ensuring adequate testing and mitigation resources.