The federal budget recently passed by Congress and signed by the President included a $1000 per home tax credit for manufacturers that build ENERGY STAR homes; it was extended retroactively through 2017.

Once again, if you had faith that the tax credit would be extended, you were rewarded.  It’s a familiar story that keeps repeating itself: Congress waits until the end of the year to extend the tax credit retroactively, making it impossible for manufacturers to count on the credit before they decide to qualify homes for the ENERGY STAR label.  However, keep this in mind: the credit, first passed more than a decade ago, has never lapsed.

Do you need help qualifying homes completed in 2017 for the tax credit?  Contact Gwynne Koch at          with the Systems Building Research Alliance or Andrew Dickey with The Levy Partnership, Inc. at 212-496-0900 ext. 110 for assistance.

What about 2018?  Will the credit be extended again through the end of this year?  We cannot be certain, but year after year extending the tax credit has been a priority for both parties in Congress.  And, in the coming weeks, SBRA will announce ENERGY STAR changes that will make it easier to qualify homes for the ENERGY STAR label.


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