Wisconsin Rural Development has joined the Manufactured Housing Pilot!

Existing manufactured homes must meet the following conditions to be eligible for financing:

· The home must have been constructed on or after 1/1/2006 in conformance with Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (FMHCSS)

· The home must not have had any alterations or modifications since construction in the factory except for porches, decks or other structures

· Unit inspection is required using “HUD Manufactured Home Installation Certification and Verification Report” or with a certification that the foundation design meets HUD’s Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing

· Floor area must be at least 400 square feet

· Home must meet the Comfort Heating and Cooling Certificate zone value for location

The remaining economic life of the property meet a minimum of 30 years

Additional information on the home purchase program is available at: 


Additional information on the home repair program is available at:


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