The Wisconsin Housing Alliance is pleased to announce that the property and casualty insurance program we endorse, EMC Insurance Companies, which is marketed by The Horton Group, has declared a Safety Group dividend for 2016….$186,254!

The Safety Group dividend is calculated using a formula that tracks a rolling 3 years of eligible premium and losses of participating WHA members. Each year, the new premium and loss information are added in while the oldest year drops off.

The dividends are paid to the members that meet the following criteria:
There was an eligible policy in force with EMC in 2016, and
The member was in good standing with the Alliance in the same year.

The partnership between the Wisconsin Housing Alliance, EMC Insurance and The Horton Group has been a successful one since 1983! In all, participating members have shared more than $2,200,000 in dividends declared since 1988.

Dividend checks for the participating members have been mailed. If you would like to donate your dividend to the Alliance, simply sign your check over to the Wisconsin Housing Alliance and mail it to us. For more information on the insurance program or to request a quote, please contact Jean Jones at the Horton Group, 262-347-2650 or

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