Due to the increasing scrutiny of HUD in states such as Michigan and Illinois, Wisconsin Housing Alliance Executive Director, Amy Bliss, did an open records request asking the Wisconsin Department of Safety and    Professional Services (DSPS) if there had been any installation related complaints to DSPS regarding manufactured home installation.

The answer came back just as predicted.  The number of complaints related to home installation was ZERO!  A nice low number.  That doesn’t mean that no homes had issues addressed by the home warranty or other problems, but it does prove that the installation program in Wisconsin is a success.  This information will be utilized in comments to HUD regarding their questioning the Wisconsin approved floating slab design and the engineered frost free installation design.

HUD had stated to DSPS that they will conduct random home installation inspections in Wisconsin in September.  If installing a manufactured home in Wisconsin, please be sure to follow the home installation manual and the state installation code for any home manufactured after April 1, 2007.

Keep up the good work!


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