By Metron Sustainable Services

With the freezing temperatures affecting 80% of the nation this week, we want to educate MHP owners on how to prevent freezes in their water system via a general system maintenance guide.

Metron’s meters have built-in temperature sensors and offer freezing notifications to warn you of problems before they happen. However, there are things that need to be done in the park to prevent these issues from happening in the first place! In this email, we will cover the various things that need to be done to prevent expensive repairs. The cost of repairing a frozen water line ranges from $900 up to $2000 which can impact the park owners bottom line.

1. Verify Heat Tape is Working

Heat Tape is a heated electrical wire that is taped or wrapped around the water lines and is used to prevent the water lines from freezing. Some heat tapes use a thermometer and turn on automatically when the temperature nears freezing, some continuously heat the water line so it is important to make sure what kind you have. Make sure to plug it in after installation! Mice and other rodents also like to chew the wires and snuggle up against the warmth so it is important to thoroughly check the wires each summer before the winter months arrive.

2. Properly Insulating your Water Lines

Waterline insulation is affordable and is one of the best ways to prevent your lines from freezing. After installing your heat tape, simply wrap the insulation foam around the water lines. Also, ensure the included meter jacket insulation is properly installed and secured with velcro tape.

3. Check the Skirting Around the Homes

The skirting of the home is the primary barrier between the elements and your water pipes. Make sure to thoroughly check the skirting around each home to make sure there are no gaps or openings where the cold air can get underneath the home. It is important to do a thorough check because any gaps will cause the temperature under the home to drop quickly!

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