The Wisconsin Housing Alliance Board of Directors has agreed to manage the newly formed Wisconsin Recreational Vehicle Dealers Alliance.  This is the trade association for RV Dealers in Wisconsin.  They have never had a formal association and contacted Amy Bliss to see if this was a possibility.  Several other state manufactured and modular housing associations also represent recreational vehicle dealers.

After several months of discussion and research, it was decided that this would be a great way to share resources and expenses for both industries.  While each organization will remain separate and independent, there may be some joint ventures.   In fact, the RV Dealers will be invited to participate in the August 25th golf outing.

Mick Ferkey from Greenway RV is the Board chair for the WRVDA and is excited to get this organization formed.  There are about 75 RV Dealers in Wisconsin and many have already joined or committed to join in the near future.  They will also have a supply division that consists of finance companies, manufacturing companies, after market suppliers and more.

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