Elmer Frey was an industry icon that left his legacy as a leader and innovator in the factory-built housing   industry.  If you know of anyone currently in the industry that also fits this description, you can honor them with a nomination for the prestigious Elmer Frey Award.  The award will be given out on November 9th.  To submit a nomination, please send a letter or email to the Alliance office (258 Corporate Drive, Suite 200C, Madison, WI  53714) or fax it to 608-255-5595 by October 26th.

Please include:

  1. A story about the person’s current and/or historical involvement with the factory-built housing industry.
  2. What accomplishments the individual has made that makes him/her deserving of an award given for leadership and/or innovation in the industry.
  3. Why you or others feel this individual should be chosen as the recipient of this award.
  4. Any other details you would like to convey.

The Board of Directors will review all nominations and make a final selection.  (This award may not be given out annually.)


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