Three new code changes affecting the Uniform Dwelling Code will go into effect June 1, 2016.  The Department of Safety and Professional Services would like to inform stakeholders of three administrative rule changes affecting the Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC).  The Uniform Dwelling Code Council heard from stakeholders on three topics:

Crawl Space Ventilation Wisconsin Legislature: CR 15-090 Rule Text

Natural Light in Rooms over Garages Wisconsin Legislature: CR 15-089 Hearing Information Rule Text

Electronic notifications by building inspectors Wisconsin Legislature: CR 15-088 Rule Text

  • The Uniform Dwelling Code currently requires uninsulated crawlspaces to have ventilation openings equal to at least 1/1500 of the floor space and requires the floor above to be insulated. The alternative is to insulate the crawlspace walls, in which case, venting is not allowed. The code change in SPS 322 eliminates the venting option and calls for crawl space walls to be insulated. Wisconsin’s climate has shown to cause mold and other moisture problems in crawl spaces.
  • The code will be changed in SPS 321 to allow construction of rooms over garages in one- and two-family dwellings to be built without natural light. Benefits to this code change are home owners and building contractors would have the option not to install windows in rooms over garages. In addition, more options would be available to building designers.

The code will be changed in SPS 320 to allow the building inspectors to deliver notices of compliance or non-compliance with the Uniform Dwelling Code at the job site electronically if mutually agreed upon by the applicant and inspector.  The code change would allow an additional means for delivery of notifications of compliance or non-compliance with the Uniform Dwelling Code.

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