By Jennifer Becker of The Horton Group

Since 1983, the Wisconsin Housing Alliance (and its predecessor associations) have endorsed an insurance program underwritten by EMC Insurance Companies as a benefit available to Retail Division and Community members.  The menu of policies and coverages in the program are designed to address the property and liability insurance needs of these member entities.  The program is marketed and serviced by agents of The Horton Group.

At the end of March, the Wisconsin Housing Alliance, EMC & The Horton Group were pleased to distribute to participating members a Safety Group dividend totaling $134,478.  This feature of the endorsed insurance program provides participants an opportunity to achieve a  lower net insurance cost by sharing in profitable results when the group’s loss experience is favorable.

A Safety Group dividend has been declared by EMC in 10 of the past 11 years.  Over the past 31 years, total dividends returned to participating members have exceeded $2.7 million.  Although future premium and claim results are the determining factor of future dividend potential, participating members in recent years have averaged a double-digit percent return of premiums through the WHA endorsement of this program with a Safety Group dividend feature.

Breadth and fit of coverage to the unique needs of our industry are a hallmark of the program.  This specialization is achieved through the efforts of EMC’s knowledgeable underwriters and experienced Claims and Risk Control personnel, teamed with Horton group agents whose commitment to serving WHA clients spans 30+ years, all bolstered by ongoing support and        informative interaction with WHA staff and members.

WHA Community and Retail members interested in learning more about this WHA member benefit can contact Jennifer Becker at The Horton Group at 262-347-2626 or for additional information.

If you’d like to donate your dividend to the Alliance, simply sign over your check to the Wisconsin Housing Alliance and mail it to the WHA office.  An explanation and return envelope for this purpose was included with individual dividend checks mailed by The Horton Group in late March.  Thank you for your support!